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Max Ultimate 4

Max Ultimate 4

MAX Equipment LLC is engaged in the production of air purification devices, as well as accessories for beauty salons. We are developers and manufacturers of original MAX nail dust collectors that are popular among nail artists around the world. Our nail dust collectors perfectly remove manicure sawdust, reliably protecting the health of the nail artist and clients.

History of creation


Since 2011, our company has been selling nail care products. We combined the work of an online store, a training center and a nail service studio. In an effort to protect the health of nail artists working for us, we began to use manicure dust collectors in our work. Having used those models that were sold at that time, our nail artists were not satisfied and came to the conclusion that they were not effective. There was a feeling that when using a nail dust collector there is more dust on the table than without it.

We decided to make our own version of a manicure dust collector. It was to become: powerful, in order to suck in manicure dust well, thought out to be comfortable at work and beautiful to apparel the nail artist’s workplace. Our nail artists liked the result so much that we had no doubt in the resulting product to be worthy of entering the market. This step marked the beginning of the long MAX journey. Later, we completely focused on production and founded MAX Equipment LLC.

We have been manufacturing professional manicure dust collectors since 2016. Receiving feedback from our clients, as well as relying on our experience, we are constantly improving our products, releasing new generations and new models of MAX nail dust collectors. Our goal is to produce the best nail dust collectors for professional use by manicure and pedicure nail artists.

We have made the way from a single assembly to full-fledged production, from a product made “at bench scale” to a professional device which is used in the best nail salons in Russia and other countries. Our manufacturing is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which confirms our course on the high quality of our products.

Since 2020, we have expanded manufacturing by MAX Air Shield recycle cleaners. The product has successfully expanded our line of air purification devices. Now, in addition to protection against dust, we offer our clients the equipment that successfully fights viruses and other pathogens.

Max Equipment LLC is an award holder of the Best Russian Enterprise 2019. The nail dust collectors of the MAX Ultimate series became a diploma winner of the 100 Best Products of Russia 2019 contest.

Our equipment is successfully sold worldwide.


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We have a lot to be proud of:

  • More than 90,000 nail dust collectors sold (as of May 2020)
  • More than 700 partner stores in Russia and abroad
  • Patent applications and trademarks registration both in Russia and around the world
  • All the equipment is certified for sales in the countries both of the Customs Union and the European Union
  • Diploma of 100 Best Products of Russia 2019
  • 24 months warranty for nail dust collectors

Each nail dust collector undergoes triple quality control:

  • A preparing employee checks the quality of components
  • An assembling fitter checks the nail dust collector operation immediately after assembly
  • A packer checks the nail dust collector operation before sending it to the client

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