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Max powerful nail dust collectors for manicure and pedicure with delivery from the manufacturer

No more dust on the table without any tricks!

Up to 4.5 times more powerful than a regular
nail dust collector

24 month warranty

Removes the need for a face mask

No more cleaning after manicure and pedicure

Light. Comfortable. Quiet. Stylish design

The dust bag is convenient for the client and the nail artist

What is the difference of MAX nail dust collectors?
The MAX air extraction excellently sucks the manicure dust

Fan performance up to 4.5 times higher than the one of a conventional nail dust collector. The power and noise of the air extraction are adjustable (in the Ultimate series only).

Clever design

The design of each MAX nail dust collector is carefully thought out. It is convenient for both the nail artist and the client. The shape of the nail dust collector casing is unique and patented.

Unique warranty offer

The warranty for all MAX nail dust collectors which are installed on the table or built-in in a manicure table or a pedicure stand is 24 months. If a warranty case occurs during the operation, we will send you a new nail dust collector for free!

Best choice for your health!

According to reviews, 90% of clients stop using a face mask after purchasing a fan with the MAX dust bag. When deciding to buy the MAX nail dust collector for manicure and pedicure, you select for a professional device that can protect you from dust

How to choose a nail dust collector for manicure and pedicure

MAX air extraction systems can be of 3 types:

  • Built-in at manicure tables. Easily installed, not taking up much space;
  • Desktop. Quiet nail dust collectors for manicure are great for entry-level nail artists and those who rarely practice working with nails;
  • For building into the pedicure stand.

Based on the direction of your activity (manicure/pedicure), as well as taking into account its principle, you are to decide which model of the air extractio - built-in or desktop one. It should be remembered that the choice of a built-in nail dust collector involves a change in the design of the tabletop during installation. Unlike the mobile desktop version, stationary equipment is not applicable if you go to the client’s house or if you work in different rooms. The built-in air extraction for pedicure is easily installed in a classic stand and can only work in a suspended state (an air outlet is needed).

When choosing a device, you can also focus on the reviews of our other clients. Important: the bags included in the kit will be enough for 3-4 months. Do not forget to order additional filtering dust bags for the nail dust collector for pedicure and manicure!

Reviews of buyers of MAX nail dust collectors

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